Note that when ordering processor, customer must prepare it for installation. Technical personal of elins will assemble the processor after that.
Electrical requirements:
Current: 20A
Power fuses:
-          On the wall near processor
-          Easy accessible from the processor
-          Viewable from the processor
-          Not less than 2 m from the processor
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 3300 W
1-phase, 2-cables and ground
-          water-supply must be near the processor and accessible.
Temperature: 15 – 25 C
Pressure: 138 – 448 kPa
Flow: controlled by machine between 2,8 +/- 0,2 L/min
Filtering: 50 microns filter
-          Drain must be made of chemical resistance, rustproof material
-          Minimum diameter 7,6 cm
-          Drain must be not less than 1,5 m distance from processor
-          Drain must be downhilled
3 l/min –  normal operation
43,5 l/min – draining all three solutions at once
14,4 l/min – draining every solution separately
Environmental requirements:
Temperature: 15 – 30 C
Humidity: 15 – 76 %
Ventilation: 2,124 l/min (max. 66 C)
Processor ventilation connector: 7,6 cm
Heating: 3400 kJ/h
During installation, the presence of plumber of the client is required.
During start-up the client must have Developer and Fixer for machine processing (5 l concentrate – 20l solution) KODAK chemicals are recommended


M43ICThe KODAK INDUSTREX M43IC Processor is designed to meet the needs of high-volume NDT radiographic customers. With a wide range of processing cycles that provides development times  from 31 to 170 seconds, your wish is its command. And its high capacity will keep your operation moving.


Processing Cycle Dry-to-dry 2 to 12-minute range. Time in Developer: 31 - 170 seconds, depending on processing cycle (6-minute cycle = 88-second development).
Processing Capacity Fifty-fi ve 14 x17-inch (35 x 43 cm) radiographs per hour (8-minute cycle).
Types and Sizes of Film Processed KODAK INDUSTREX Films in all standard sheet sizes and in continuous lengths up to and including 17 inches (43 cm) wide.
Type of Operation Continuous self-threading roller transport.
Processing Tank and Chemicals Developer tank capacity: 11.5 litres (3 gallons) (including developer filter); fi xer tank capacity: 10.5 litres (2.77 gallons); Wash tank capacity: 10 litres (2.64 gallons). Use of KODAK INDUSTREX Chemicals is recommended.
Solution Temperature Control Separate inline 350W heaters in the developer and fixer tanks allow temperature control adjustments in a range of 18 - 43°C (64 - 109.4°F).
Water Requirements Filtered hot and cold water, at 3-10 bar pressure, with 3/4” hose connection. Wash water flow rate of 1.5 - 2 L/min while fi lm is being processed, adjustable to 10 – 25°C (50 - 77°F) range. Wash water drain: 32 mm (5/4-inch) hose or tube.
Automatic Cooling The processor electronics will automatically detect high developer temperature conditions and then activate a cold- water chiller system. This chiller system will maintain the developer temperature when the processor is running in warm ambient conditions.
Drying Temperature Control Warm air adjustable in a range of 18 - 55°C (64 - 131°F).
Automatic Standby Control When no film is being processed, an automatic solidstate standby control turns off the drive and the dryer mechanism and reduces water consumption.
Power Requirements 16 A, 220/230V, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 3.7kW.
Dimensions • Width—27.3 inches (69.5 cm)• Height—46.2 inches (117.5 cm)• Length—31.5 inches (80 cm)• Length with dryer and tray feeder—44.2 inches (112.5 cm)• Weight—approximately 478 pounds (217kg) with processing tanks filled with solution• Weight empty—approximately 408 pounds (185 kg)• Floor space—approximately 6 square feet (0.56 m2)
Drain Requirements One 3-inch fl oor drain. Use no copper alloys.
Ventilation Exhaust port (located at the feed end of the processor) must be connected to an external ventilation system with suffi cient power to ventilate the warm exhaust air away and out of the processing area. Where the processor is installed in a “through-the-wall” location, the darkroom should be pressurized to ensure a positive airfl ow from feed to dryer to avoid condensation.
Replenisher System Fully automatic. Processor is supplied with storage for replenisher solutions. Replenishment is  microprocessor controlled and calculated from information received from sensors measuring the width and length of material entering the processor. Replenishment cycles are adjustable.


Chemical Automixers In Europe: The KODAK Automixer II Plus (CAT 715 7050) provides fast, accurate, consistent, “no mess” mixing of 40 (factory setting) or 20 litre volumes. Concentrate insertion guides minimize human error. The concentrate bottles’ safety seals and the use of the Automixer eliminate any contact with the chemicals.



M37The tabletop INDUSTREX M37 is ideal for automatic processing in mid-volume facilities. While compact, it offers the output you need and the excellent image quality and reliability you demand.





Application Table-top, medium capacity general NDT radiography
Developer 6.2L (including Developer filter system)
Developer tank recirculation pump Yes
Dryer range Adjustable in a range 18°C -60°C
Dryer type Warm air
Integral warm air exhaust port Yes
Power requirements 200-240VAC 50-60hz Single Phase, 13A, 2.0kW
Film format types Rolls / Cut sheets of NDT x-ray films
Film Sheets Per Hour [35x43cm] 27 sheets/hour @ 110 seconds recommended development time [22cm/min]
Film thickness 0.10 mm - 0.18 mm
Material length [minimum] 10 cm minimum
Material width 7.5 cm - 37.0 cm
Fixer 5.7 L
Fixer tank recirculation pump Yes
Installation configuration options Free-standing with included table stand or through-the-wall
Processor stand Yes, included as standard
Number of programming channels available 9 channels [comes preprogrammed with standard process cycle recommendations]
Automatic cleaning cycle Yes
Feed tray cover Included
Film feed signal Yes
Rack drip tray Included as standard
Relocatable control panel unit Yes
Spare parts kit Yes, small user kit included as standard
Weight Empty: 113 kg, with solution: 134 kg
Adjustable Replenishment rates Yes
Integrated cooling system cold water cooling
Replenisher tanks 2x30 liter w/cover lids
Replenishment type Automatic scanning based on film area
Solution filter elements Developer
Solution Heating (FIX and DEV) Adjustable in a range of 18°C - 43°C (separate inline 350W heaters)
Solution level monitoring Optional
Emergency shut off switch Yes, fixed position with remote option
Cycle Time (dry to dry) [min] 1.6-11 min (7 minutes @ recommended development time)
Intake Speed [cm/min] 95-14 cm/min
Time in Developer [sec] Range: 25-170 sec (22cm/min @ 110 seconds recommended dev.time)
Developer to fixer crossover style Dry or rinsed crossover rollers
Wash tank feature High power agitation
Wash tank recirculation pump Yes
Wash Water tank 5.7 L
Wash water reduction system Yes, water is used only on demand. 2.5 liter/min during a process cycle